About COVID-19

・ Our employees undergo PCR test , wear masks, measure the temperature, wash their hands diligently, and disinfect their fingers with alcohol.
・ The massage device is clean and disinfected every time after used.

Thai Traditional Massage Delivery in Tokyo

First Thai Traditional Massage Specialty Delivery in Tokyo! ​Our services are delivery Thai therapists to your home hotel or condominium around Tokyo. Book with us today and experience all the advantages of our services.

☆ Recommended for Working from home / Stay Home / Childcare or Usually busy daily life.
☆ You can easily make a reservation at your favorite time.
☆ Our experienced massage therapist who has received Thai traditional massage certification from Thailand.
☆ We do professional massage only , if you are looking for sexuality please looking for another website and not here.
☆ If there is an assault on the therapist or any act that is offensive to public order and morals, the procedure will be discontinued, and cannot accept refunds. Please understand beforehand that legal measures will be taken in some cases.